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A short read that will make your day a little better

Wayne Byrd

Common Sense - I Think, Registrar
March 2019   2094 views

Share I recommend this book by my friend (the author) Tom Burns. If you have known Tom for any length of time, you know that he stands out from the crowd, says whatever is on his mind and pulls you in with his down home, Southern wit and charm. This…

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It's Like a Children's Book for Adults!

Bob the Builder of Albuquerque

Common Sense - I Think, Registrar
March 2019   2204 views

Share I have enjoyed being a pre-reader for this amazingly colorful fully illustrated book that presents some pretty advanced business, mindset and character development philosophies in a fun and humorous way! Great work Tom...a very unique and fun idea - It's like a children's book for adults! I can see…

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Learn what you should have learned years ago...

RJ Mirabal

Common Sense - I Think, Registrar
February 2019   2477 views

Share Learn what you should have learned years ago about getting ahead in life and in business. Read "Common Sense--I Think!" by Tom Burns.Getting started in the business world? Or have you been in it for quite a while and wonder why you can't get ahead? If so, you may…

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Tom Burns "The Common Sense Fellow"

About Common Sense - I Think...


There comes a time (often) in everyone's life that they have to make decisions - good decision.  And this is where Common Sense can help.  So, let's do it with enjoyment and fun!

The Common Sense Fellow

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