Pre-Reader's Book Review: Common Sense - I Think...

If you are writing a positive book review, start with a catchy sentence that grabs the reader's attention. Consider making it a question - Have you ever wondered...?; Have you ever been to...?; have you ever wished you could...?; Do you know how to...? Do you want to know how to...? Also in this section include basic details like what sort of book this is (fiction - genre; non-fiction - subject matter and depth; suitable age range, etc) In a short review (250-400 words), this will be perhaps 100 words. That is around as much as I have written here. *

In a short book review, try to keep this to one-two sentences. No, I'm not kidding. Do Not Give Away The Ending (or any other spoilers)! *

How well did the book meet its goals? If it's non-fiction, what does it add to the area of study? What constructive criticisms do you have? Be tactful, but honest. Use examples. This will be the longest part of your review. This is really what a review is all about - evaluating a book. *

Restate your basic thesis and who will enjoy this book. Try to finish with a catchy one liner. *

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